Salzland district - Elbe-Börde-Heide - Magdeburg, the City of Otto

Discover cultural history and nature at its best

The Salzland district, home to the Pömmelte Woodhenge is part of the Elbe-Börde-Heide regional tourism network, which also includes the Otto city of Magdeburg. Countless castles, palaces, churches, and monasteries bear witness to the rich cultural history of the region. In Magdeburg they will find themselves in close proximity to modern architecture, buildings such as the Green Citadel, a Hundertwasser architectural project directly on the cathedral square.

Further highlights of the region are the numerous stations of the „Romanesque Road“, such as the famous Magdeburg Cathedral or the Jerichow Monastery as the epitome of the Brandenburg-style brick architecture. Also noteworthy are the historic spa facilities at Schönebeck-Bad Salzelmen with the oldest brine spa in Germany, or the Renaissance castle at Bernburg in the ducal seat and capital of the formerly sovereign duchy of Anhalt-Bernburg.

An extraordinary natural experience accompanies this cultural diversity: The UNESCO Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve is home to the largest contiguous floodplain forest complex in Europe. Amongst others, it shelters the largest rodent of our continent, the Elbe beaver. The Elbe Cycle Route, Germany’s most popular long-distance cycle route, passes directly by the Pömmelte Woodhenge.

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