Land of Wine and Stone

Mediterranean und charming– that is how the Saale-Unstrut region is often described. Letting one’s gaze wander will confirm this description: old vineyards with steep terraces and vineyard cottages as far as the eye can see. On the slopes and on the heights above the rivers are enthroned majestic castles, manors, and monasteries. Saale-Unstrut is a cultural landscape which is still today characterised by the viticulture established in the Middle Ages and the numerous preserved buildings of the Middle Ages and recent historical times.

Four of the five Sky Paths stations (including Halle) are to be found in Saale-Unstrut – proving that this cultural landscape is much older still.

Discoveries on the Sky Paths

  • Memleben Monastery and Imperial Palace, the destination of emperors and kings
  • the World Heritage site Naumburg Cathedral with its worldfamous founder figure of Uta
  • Querfurt Castle, the largest and oldest castle on the „Romanesque Road“
  • Neuenburg Castle and the Romanesque twostorey chapel with its outstanding ornamental capitals
  • Goseck Castle with castle church and crypt
  • Bad Lauchstädt with the historic spa facilities and the Goethe Theatre
  • (Hi)stories and pleasure in the beautiful towns along the Saale and Unstrut

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