Discover the Sky Paths by bike

Nearly all Sky Paths stations are located on trans-regional, well-developed, and signposted cycle routes. A cycle route which directly connects two Sky Paths locations is the Sky Disc Cycle Route. On the Saale between Halle (Saale) and Naumburg and on the Unstrut between Naumburg and Nebra, the Sky Paths are also signposted.

The Sky Disc Cycle Route

The approximately 73 km cycle route connects the Sky Disc with its site of discovery: Between the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle and the Nebra Ark cyclists pass the “Mansfeld Lakes” Wine Route, the Sweet Lake (Süßer See), the town and castle of Querfurt, and finally the extensive Ziegelroda forest.

The Saale Cycle Route

The 403 km cycle route starts in the Fichtel Mountains (Bavaria), runs among others through Thuringia and Saale-Unstrut (southern Saxony-Anhalt), and in Barby near the mouth of the Saale meets the Elbe Cycle Route. Once Naumburg Cathedral is reached, Goseck Castle soon follows downstream high above the Saale. On the Dolmen Cycle Path (Dolmenradweg) the solar observatory can be reached via a small detour from Leissling (attention: steep path to the castle). Also the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle lies almost directly on the Saale Cycle Route. From Naumburg you can also reach the Nebra Ark via the Unstrut Cycle Route.

The Elbe Cycle Route

The middle section of the Elbe Cycle Route between Lutherstadt Wittenberg, the state capital of Magdeburg, and the old Hanseatic towns of Tangermünde and Havelberg is about 260 km long. In this section also lies the circular sanctuary Pömmelte Woodhenge. The turn-off just before Schönebeck is signposted.

The Unstrut Cycle Route

Starting in Eichsfeld in Thuringia, the Unstrut Cycle Route reaches Naumburg on the Saale Cycle Route after 190 km. On the last stage, about 40 km before Naumburg, a detour to the Nebra Ark is recommended. The route branches off in the village of Wangen, Nebra district.

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