Nebra Ark - The Sky Disc Experience

The Nebra Ark Visitor Centre takes you to the fascinating world of the Nebra Sky Disc. The visitor centre near the place of discovery of this unique treasure connects archaeology and astronomy and presents the exiting history of the famous bronze disk in an innovative interaction of scientific information and lively display. Core of the “Nebra Ark" is the planetarium. This show makes the complex knowledge encoded on the Nebra Sky Disk understandable.

T he discovery place of the Sky Disk
The “Himmelsauge“(Sky eye) at the discovery place connects sky and earth exactly at the location at which the image of the sky lay undetected in the ground for 3.600 years. The lookout tower, 30 m high, allows views like at the bronze age and makes the bronze age astronomy comprehensible. A vertical section divides the building and marks the viewing axis to the “Harz massif” (A mountainous area) with the mountain Brocken. Also today it can still be observed, how the sun goes down behind this prominent landmark at the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

Opening times Nebra Ark Visitor Centre:
April–October: Daily 10.00–18.00 h
November–March: Tue –Fri 10.00–16.00 h, Sat/Sun/Bank holidays 10.00–17.00 h, closed on Mondays and 24th December. The lookout tower is always accessible. A public shuttle bus runs between visitor car park, Nebra Ark Visitor Centre and mountain Mittelberg).

Contact and guided tours:
Arche Nebra – Experience the Sky Disk
An der Steinklöbe 16
06642 Nebra
Telephone: 034461-25520
Fax: 034461-255217
Public guided tours: Sat/Sun 12.15, 13.15  and 14.15 h, Additional dates in summer and on bank holidays.