Megalitihic tomb Langeneichstädt

The tomb complex
The early stone age large Megalithic tomb of Langeneichstädt is about 5.500 years old.
The floor of the burial chamber consisted of several layers of thin limestone plates in between which archaeologists found remarkable jewellery made from animal teeth, copper, bones and amber
Also incorporated in the chamber was a Menhir, 1.76 m long, with the depiction of a “Dolmen Goddess”.

The Dolmen Goddess

The large boulder tomb represents another aspect of the "Sky paths”: The “Dolmen Goddess” is evidence of the thoughts of the stone age humans regarding the hereafter world.
Their depiction shows wide-reaching connections to Western Europe.  Furthermore, clear smoothing traces are visible at the sides of the Menhir generated by frequent touching of the stone.

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