Saxony-Anhalt – the multifaceted state

Saxony-Anhalt lies in the heart of Germany and is always a worthwhile travel destination. Get to know lively cities and towns with historic parks and a medieval flair. Experience unspoiled river landscapes and well-developed cycling and hiking routes, and sample the wines of the state's regions.

Thirteen long-distance bicycle routes wind through Saxony-Anhalt, connecting nature and culture in splendid fashion. Bicyclists can explore, for example, 1,800 kilometres of cycling trails along the Elbe and Saale rivers or the Altmark loop. If you prefer travelling on foot, visit Harz National Park, follow the St. Jakobus pilgrim trail, which goes all the way to Santiago de Compostela, or hike in the Selke valley, passing the mountain lake of Güntersberge.

The varied tourist offerings of Saxony-Anhalt have recently gained an additional attraction: The Sky Paths theme route offers a look into the mysteries of the heavens. The Sky Disc of Nebra, the solar observatory in Goseck, the State Museum for Prehistory in Halle, and the dolmen goddess in Langeneichstädt will transport you to millennia long past.

Romanesque Road

On the "Romanesque Road" you can explore more than 80 different historic buildings. The route, stretching for around one thousand kilometres, will take you to proud cathedrals, stone churches, defiant castles, tranquil cloisters and other authentic original scenes of medieval life.

Garden Dreams

"Garden Dreams" brings together under a common banner 40 of the most beautiful historic parks and gardens in the state – from medieval monastery gardens to Baroque landscaped parks. Enjoy, for example, Oranienbaum Palace and Park, part of the garden world of Dessau-Wörlitz and the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The Harz Mountains also await you, not only with the Hexentanzplatz (as legend has it, site of an annual convening of witches), Brocken Mountain and the Rosstrappe, but with a landscape of blossoming roses as well.

Blue Ribbon

The state's trademark "Blue Ribbon" unifies Central Germany's most extensive region for water tourism. Along with the rivers Elbe, Saale and Unstrut, this area contains the largest lakes district in the heart of Germany. In the south of the state the wine road beckons, leading through the northernmost winegrowing area in Europe. Come enjoy the combination of this lovely landscape and its fine wine!

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The Saale-Unstrut Wine Route

Travel the Saale-Unstrut Wine Route from Memleben to Bad Sulza as well as the route along the White Elster river and the Mansfeld lakes to experience the thousand-year-old tradition of wine. Forty wine-growing estates, the cellars of the famous Rotkäppchen sparkling wine, the regional winegrowers' association and Saxony-Anhalt's state vineyard at Kloster Pforta all invite visitors to sample their wines.