Further Attractions of the Region

Langeneichstädt lies between Querfurt and Merseburg, near Mücheln, in southern Saxony-Anhalt. The earliest documented mention of the town dates to about 800 A.D., although it was probably founded around the year 300. The cornerstone for the first school in Langeneichstädt was laid in 1837 and the railway came to the town in 1910. Today the placid town is home to around 1,600 people. Visitors to Langeneichstädt can enjoy its pleasant atmosphere and natural environs. The most important attraction here is the medieval Eichstädt Watchtower, which is located 1.5km from the town and is visible from afar. Situated at the highest point in the Eichstädt vicinity (204m above sea level), the location commands a splendid view of the pastoral surrounding countryside.

Every spring at Pentecost visitors can climb the watchtower to hear the legends that have grown up around this ancient structure. Another chance to see the inside of the tower is on 'Open Monument Day'. The Eichstädt Watchtower drew special attention when a megalithic chamber grave from the Middle Neolithic period, complete with a menhir and the image of a dolmen goddess, was excavated at the site in 1987. This attraction is part of the Himmelswege (Sky Paths) tourist route. Further points of interest in Langeneichstädt include two Lutheran and one Catholic church, a former windmill and the 'Heimatstube'.

Those who would prefer to enjoy the natural surroundings of this little town can make an excursion to the Ziegelroda Forest, the Unstrut river valley, Süsser See lake, the Kyffhäuser range, or the Harz Mountains. In the very near future, Geiseltalsee lake at Mücheln will be open for bathing and water sports. The town of Mücheln features the Baroque St. Ulrich Terrace Garden and the St. Ulrich Water Palace, the latter a rare example of pile construction in this region. Querfurt Castle and the historic town centre, with its restored patrician and Ackerbürger (town-dwelling farmers') houses, invite visitors to explore. Another rewarding destination is the cathedral and college town of Merseburg, which is famous for the Merseburg Incantations. The special attraction here is Merseburg Cathedral of St. Johannes and St. Laurentius.